Whether you're on the road or just in the conference room, the Desk app will help you stay on top of customer issues, collaborate with your team, and track and respond to cases. It's that easy and it's always safe and secure.  

Use this completely redesigned Desk.com native app from your iPhone or iPad and never lose touch with your customers, even when you're on the go.

• Free app synched to your Desk.com site
• Compatible with iPhone and iPad
• View all of your customer inquiries 
• Check in on your support queues 
• Reply and resolve customer requests
• Search for cases
• Swipe to resolve cases
• Add internal notes for only colleagues to see
• Add quick replies and actions (called macros) to cases
• Set case status and priority
• Assign cases to agents and groups
• Detailed customer information
• Push notifications alert you about new cases